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Originally Posted by lightning_legwand View Post
You are soooo wrong that it is funny! Hahaha! Do you know him personally? I do! I know that he likes to have fun, but he keeps it in its time and place. He just had that ONE slip up that ONE time ever. Especially now that he is 27, he realizes more that he has to put his full potential together and be the defenseman that he/we know that he can be and make some cash!! But you should not say that stuff about a guy when you have no clue...

I think he even has higher potential than top five! Just had a rough time witht he 'Nucks, the bad overshadows the good...

What exactly are you talking about?? How many times did that happen??

...One time Mario Lemieux got into a fight, we should probably label him a scrapper for his career eh?
Calm down, I'm actually in favor of this trade if you guys didn't have plans for Parent or Andersson. Like I've said previously, if he gets his discipline issues under control, he brings experience, size and grit to a defense in Nashville that need it, and he's affordable.

No, I don't know him, but at the same time, I think you're either unaware or ignoring the multiple incidents, confirmed by teammates, not just media, he's had here in Vancouver. I just clarified the continual issues he's had with fitness and partying that DID affect his professional obligations.

In answer to your question about him spouting off against the coaches and management, he's done it a few times, either when he feels that he's being misused, he once complained to the media that they wanted him to be a goon, but he could be more than that, that when he tried to be tough he got in trouble for taking penalties, and then when he scaled back his penalties, he got in trouble for not being tough enough. He'd complain that he didn't get enough ice-time, then that the coaches had it out for him (there does seem to be at least a little bit of that, I'll admit).

But to put things in perspective, Gillis admitted that they went out and made this trip because they didn't want O'Brien to rot in the minors, and compare it to the classy way Hordichuk handled his trade, or how Dumont quietly handled his frustrations with coaches last year, and you'll see how comparatively, O'Brien is still looking immature.

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