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10-06-2010, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JimEIV View Post
I want my own show where I can rant for two hours about nothing else but hockey and make believe nothing else exist.....I'll do Bean Pot updates during the NFL playoffs, preseason NCAA National Rankings infromation during baseball playoffs and if I mention another sport it'll because the player played hockey or is from Brantford Ontario where Gretzky is from....Just like that fat-butt Mike Francesa does with baseball. God I hate that guy.
I don't know about your radio voice, but giving you a radio show is a very good idea

To this day I don't get how hockey is a step child in the US. The fact that NASCAR is so big just doesn't compute. Heck, on my Tivo Sports Search the put all the popular sports on top and then the rest in alphabetical order. Of course the usual suspects are on top with NASCAR and soccer up there too, but for Hockey you have to scroll all the way to the bottom.

I stopped listening to 660 ages ago when I grew up and realized that hockey never even makes there 15-20min news updates on a regular basis. The only guy I ever heard there do a bit of hockey was Don Legraca and don't know if he's even around anymore. JMac being on was probably just a courtesy since for whatever strange reason the Devs are on 660 these days.

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