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10-06-2010, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by mitchy22 View Post
I love me some metal of varying types. That said, I've found that I've been more open to listen to a wide array of content with so much of it being free.

It's a lot easier to listen to something these days, without having to shell out money for an album you would previously have hidden from anyone who knows you when you were younger. (Well, at least when I was younger.) Still, for the most part, I get exposed to non-metal stuff through friends or random Youtube searches when I'm bored.

Nightwish is probably my favorite band that I've come across in recent years. Their cover of High Hopes by Pink Floyd might help bridge the gap for some folks. If you poke around the rest of the End of an Era stuff on youtube, you'll get to hear Tarja who sings on most of their songs and has an amazing voice. Unfortunately, she's no longer with the band. (Their male bassist sings on High Hopes.)

Not that long ago, I purchased a couple random "Battle Metal" CDs and picked up some Authentic Scottish Pirate Metal from Alestorm. Hehe. (Play Captain Morgan's Revenge, the chorus gets awfully catchy if you're remotely interested in that type of thing. Other than owning a CD, I'm not affiliated with the band in any way.)

I still like like to buy random metal CDs from bands I've never heard of at Target for $10 or through Amazon. I've managed to stay away from MP3 purchases or music services. I feel like I'll be crossing that threshold soon. I'm afraid of how much disposable income I'll be going through once that happens.

I've thrown a couple of music documentaries into the Netflix Instant Queue, but I haven't found the time to really sit down with many. For the guitar players, It Might Get Loud should be worth it. (Also worth watching, if you're a fan of The White Stripes/Jack White, U2/The Edge or Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page.) Might as well mention that I really like most of the stuff that Jack White is involved in. Even if you're not interested in his work, the opening of the documentary might get your attention.

I used to play guitar or bass in a few different bands. The bands ranged from metal, to punk with some ska mixed in, to punk and some hardcore mixed in, and what I'd probably describe as a garage rock band. It's been years since I've picked up my guitar with any kind of serious intent at doing something with it (or the time to do so.) Rather unfortunate, if you ask me.

My cherry red Ibanez isn't exactly in tip-top condition, anyways. I was thinking of picking up a new guitar at some point. It was always a good release and I actually think that playing was good exercise. That might sound ridiculous, but playing metal at my leisure, or any music in a band, always made me sweat a lot (especially in stinky, crowded bars and small clubs.)

Alestorm rules!

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