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Originally Posted by JCProdigy
A Czech newspaper writer and also a poster on Hockeybird posted his interview with Jan Hlavac on their boards. It's a really great read which I think most of you might like. It seems like Hlavac is really candid and it reminds you that these guys are human as well as the hockey players we see on the ice. Oh and evidently I'm gonna have to start calling him Honzo.

Hlavac Interview on

Alot of fun/good Q and A but my favorite is this one:

C: Do you visit some hockey fans’ sites?
H: Not regularly but from time to time. Why?

C: I’d like to know how does it feel to read about yourself.
H: Oh. I don’t read it so often. Last time I was reading one article and under the text there were comments of fans. One guy wrote “I don’t mind Hlavac back until he ruins Nedved’s and Kovalev’s play”. When Petr saw that he started to laugh and made some jokes. Petr said “that guy is right, you should stay on bench and let maestro Kovalev and Nedved play”. Then he bought me some Pilsner.

That's just CLASSIC!
Hlavac just became one of my favorite players!

What a great interview.

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