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10-07-2010, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by riseandfall9 View Post
Funny. He hasn't fought like this for us in YEARS. Actually come to think about I don't think he did that for us EVER except 1 time vs. Parros in his first year. Eh...I hope Westgarth knocks his sox off.
See below and I agree. Plus I don't think he even fought that well in this video.

Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
Ivanans problem was that he usually fought to the level of his competition. Looked good against the Super HWs like Boogard, McGrattan, Shelley etc.. but would look like crap against lower tier guys like Boll, Stortini and Brookbank.

Great fight with Mac right here but, still, where is the haymaker KO punch from Ivanans? Still mostly jabs and straight right hands.

Westgarth has laid out more damage in his pre-season fighting career than Ivanans did his entire tenure. Dropped Scott Parker at FF 2 years ago and then broke Koci's jaw this pre-season.

Give me the guy who aims to hurt instead of teh guy who aims not to lose.
Danny Maloney. Two hits. You know the rest of the saying.

Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I (and a few others) have waited two years for Westy to make the team and can't to see how the ice opens up now that he is here. Its been so long since we have had a legitimate heavy weight that there are allot of us who have forgotten how important they are to a teams success.

And Westy can play to boot.
Aha, someone who also understands the other part of the game. Punching and fighting are great but when you have someone that can skate AND think AND maybe score as well = Bonus.

I've been waiting too. I'm sure Murray said DAMN when Ivy came back and Westy went down.

Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
I belive it may have been Herby who mentioned this in another thread, but the final straw for me was going after David Moss in Calgary after Kopitar got smashed by Phaneuf.

Now, I like going after a non-fighter just like Kopi is not a fighter but HE CAN'T EVEN GO AFTER SOMEONE RIGHT!!! Jesus, he goes and attacks this guy but barely touches him and then gets kicked out of the game so no revenge can be extracted.

He doesnt know how to enforce. That is the big problem. The other issue is that he doesn't punch to kill and, when he does, he usually misses.

Westgarth has much better accuracy. The Klotz mauling is a prime example of his pinpoint accuracy. Sent the kid into convulsions and split him open real good from a punch and not from the guy hitting his head on the ice. You don't see convulsions from a punch in a hockey fight.

As a huge fan of the fights, this is two years too late; however, he is a better player than two years ago so it's all working out.
Down boy. Convulsions, heads hitting ice, bad. Not Westies fault necessarily but don't gloat.

Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
Hopefully Westgarth and Ivanans fight on Sunday!
+1 that would be frikken cool except Ivy probably won't even play cuz he sucks and Calgary sucks too so they need every useful thing they have IMO on the ice and Ivy is not it.

Originally Posted by savemefromtears View Post
The only time Ivanans actually made a statement when he dropped the gloves was this:

Even this preseason Ivanans has taken some boneheaded penalties while playing Calgary.

Everyone makes such a big deal that he doesn't score, ever. Who gives a crap. He's an enforcer. Get over it. But, if you can't enforce when you're an enforcer, you don't deserve to be on the ice.

Malkin is still laughing after cheap shotting Simmonds at the end of the game and all Ivanans did was yap at him.

I was glad to see Ivanans go.

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