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Originally Posted by 97FlyersKing18 View Post
Thank You MSE, the GDT looks amazing.

Lets Go Fly-ers!

On a side note, I really have no idea how the Pens over the past 5 years have been effective in the playoffs, where depth is key, seeing as their lineup on paper is pitiful. I mean the Flyers have 3 lines that could easily be the #1 on 80% of the teams in the League and a really really good 4th line that can shut down other teams top players. Bylsma must run some crazy systems to suffocate opponents with pressure.

I know having Staal out changes the dynamic of the team, but I guess that is why their big money players get the big money. I am not saying they suck, I am just saying they are efficient with their surrounding pieces.
Pittsburgh has had the extreme fortune of having drafted two superstars/generational talents (that play center) that can pretty much sustain a line on their own. They've also had the fortune of drafting an excellent 3rd line center. So, although they've created a forward group that is paper thin, it's also boasts the best center depth in the league and has the ability to live on it's center depth, even with sub-par wingers.

They also had an extremely talented number one d-man and a goalie that has had some extremely bright bright spots in his career.

My personal hope is that, with Gonchar gone (albeit the fact that he was starting to decline anyways) that their defense group won't be sufficient enough in at least some aspects of the game. With Michalek and Martin their defensive group should definitely suffice defensively, but they're not lacking any real talent offensively on the blue-line and they don't have any elite talent or even a upper-echelon number one d-men (which Gonchar was).

Another hope is that Fleury continues being inconsistent and we see the Fleury of last year (the one with a crappy regular season save percentage and a pretty bad playoffs) rather then the one that stole games from us a couple years back. I truly think that, as of now, Fleury is a mediocre and inconsistent goalie, albeit the fact that he played a major role in their Cup win. I'm not sure if he'll ever overcome that inconsistency, but I hope he won't.

Another thing to point out is that the Pens have been extremely fortunate in injuries among their centers and goaltending (the former of which the Pens team thrives on). I have to figure that, eventually, their going to have to have some bad luck there like nearly every other team does and that their paper thin lineup will then reveal itself. Staal is already out actually.

When you think about it the Pens are really just an exception to the rule for building a Cup contender and they've been extremely fortunate over the recent years (more-so then any other team I can think of).

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