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10-07-2010, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by pasztor View Post
then why did you shoot 500 pucks a day if there's a fast lane? that sounds a lot of work, when you can just cut corners...
I think you're looking at that the wrong way. The fast track is with practice and a little effort. 500 shots a day seems to be the faster way to learn how to shoot than a few shots at a pickup game once a week. Nothing in hockey will come to you automatically, it takes some work.

Like OP suggested, 100 shots a day will do wonders. I've been playing hockey (and skating) maybe 1/3 the time all my other hockey friends have played and I'm better than most all of them because I put in some effort to practice a little bit and read/watch videos on how to better myself as a hockey player. It doesn't take much more effort but the payoff is that much more rewarding.

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