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10-07-2010, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by chessarmy View Post


Can all score consistently. As for the D, it is weaker than it should be however the Devils acquired possibly the best defensive defenseman on the market, Anton Volchenkov, and a solid puck mover, Henrik Tallinder. Those two additions will help a lot, not to mention Brodeur is back in net and you can always count on him to erase defensive mistakes.

Don't underrate the Devils just because you're trying to convince yourself that they can't win the cup, in reality, they're just as much a contender as anyone else.
I agree with a lot of this. I can't even fathom how anyone can possibly say that the Devils are lacking depth on offense. They have arguably the best top-9 in the east...if not in the NHL. Offensively they're going to be a monster force and they're easily going to make the playoffs. They're also my pick to win the Atlantic - once again - this season.

Defensively, they'll be fine for the regular season. I still think the devils blue line is suspect for the playoffs. Even with Volchenkov (but with the minus of Paul Martin), I do think you lack a solid blue-line which has plagued them in the playoffs the last few seasons.

In net. Brodeur (like him or not)/Hedberg is a pretty solid combination. There is no dispute that Brodeur is on the decline due to age (can't believe he's 38 years old) but is still a very solid goaltender. In this new NHL, you don't need an NHL superstar goalie to win a cup. The Devils are definitely fine in the goalie department. Say what you want about Brodeur, the man can still steal games and stand on his head.

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