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10-07-2010, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
To be fair, he did all that was asked for him in preseason, too.

It sucks for Boosh. He really did do everything the team needed him to last year and quietly swallowed his pride a number of times, but still came through.

Then he comes out, has a very solid preseason, does what's expected of him, and then at the last minute on game day has the start taken from him?

That sucks a lot.
Here's how I see it. I do think their looking towards the future. Boosh did everything he was asked to do...but so did Bob. They know and probablly so does Boosh that Boosh wont be back next season. If they can get ATLEAST the same performance out of Bob or better then they would with Boosh, its really a win for the team. It sucks for Boosh, but he really is a career backup. He's gotta be used to it by now. Bob is out future, Boosh isnt. If they feel that Bob is ready to take the reigns now, so be it. It goes to show that they think Bob is the better goalie at the moment (or will give them a better chance). Boosh might have done all he has asked, but the club cant please everyone. You can have 2 goalies start.

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