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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I can see Streit's value as a PP specialist, but you don't really think he had any business getting Norris votes, do you?
He got a handful of votes pretty consistently. For the last two years, he was the best player at any position by a pretty wide margin on a pathetic NY Islanders team, so he's pretty hard to rate. But watching the Islanders (all 3 NY area teams have every game on TV in the NY area), he wasn't bad in his own zone at all (not spectacular, but not awful) to go along with very impressive point totals, especially considering the lack of help he was getting from his forwards.

Given what I saw and his comparative plus/minus and his high ice time, I think he's clearly better in his own end than Gonchar was in the late 90s, when he was getting Norris consideration.

He also impressed the hell out of me in the 2010 Olympics. I had no idea who he was in 2006, but it sounds like he was Switzerland's best player then too.

There are definitely better all-round players than Streit left, but I saw defensemen who were great on the PP and not awful in their own zone as a very shallow position.

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