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05-03-2005, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Around in 67
oh, well you've sure convinced me with that agruement. Of course I see now how Nik is the better long term investment. Thanks Pep.
Anytime, big guy. Anytime.

Poni has a much better shot.
Not even close to true.

He's more physical. He's more agressive. Not much difference in their size.
He was last year, but Nik has the capacity to be just as physical and aggressive....he just needs to learn to do it without taking penalties.

Nik is more talented, which is more important.

Not much difference in their skating - certainly not an edge to Nik. Poni needs to develop his attitude, and give a good effort every night. If he does that, he will be more of a player than Nik. And it's not that I don't like Nik. I wish he wasn't so prone to injuries and dump penalties.
They're both third-line players at the moment.

The difference is, Nik has top-6 talent and Poni doesn't. Ponikarovsky will never be anything more than a solid 3rd line winger. His ceiling is Antropov's baseline.

The injury thing is a good point, but it's no reason to say a grinder like Ponikarovsky is a better player than Antropov, because he isn't.

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