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10-07-2010, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by FultonReed View Post
the scoring is: G, A, P, PIM, PPP, +/-, SOG. now i know DZ had a really really awful +/- last season, but i figure i can maybe box him in a trade in a month if he seems to be doing okay. Bergeron had 50-60 points last season and the thing that surprised me the most was the fact that he was my last pick of the evening.

as for Staal, that was kind of a homer pick, not to mention all the "scoring" d-men were already taken. i figure since his offense has gotten a little bit better (see: goal against Ottawa lol) he'll be getting a few more points, but i really only picked him up because i know his +/- will be worth him staying. if not, i can package him in a trade right now, which is where i'm stuck...

my friend, who is in this league with me, wants to make a trade. he tried to give me Pavelski and Backes for Franzen. now, i know that's not a bad trade, but if Franzen stays healthy, he's a threat. i feel he's a bigger threat than Backes and possible Pavelski, depending on who he's playing with. i was considering moving Staal and Franzen for Pavelski and someone else, but there are literally no more good d-men, and the only spare forward i could possibly want that's left is Josh Bailey. and MAYBE Ryan O'Reilly.

any advice would be awesome, DW. thanks
Yeah, you're right about Bergeron. I went and checked his stats last night after I posted and I didn't realize he had put up that many points last season, he's probably not a bad depth player to have at all, especially if the FA pool is empty. I agree about DZ, and for any managers only watching his point production he would be great trade bait. Hell if he can keep his defense in check and have a respectable +/- I wouldn't even bother trading him. I hope he starts the season off a lot better than his exhibition.

It would definitely be nice if Staal could elevate his offensive game, while staying strong on the backend. Like you said it might not be bad to have him to counteract the +/- of DZ. It's always hard to assess players before they even play their first game, and most people do it on previous fantasy value. If there is nothing better than Staal out there for scoring, keep him, but I wouldn't be afraid to send him to the waiver wire considering most people wouldn't be interested in him. Being a Ranger fan, you'll know when he's getting hot before most others. Unless you are in a league of NYR fans, then you might want to play it safe, haha.

I love Pavelski, and drafted him in 2 of my leagues, but he is not worth Franzen and Backes. Backes will be a decent PIM guy for you and still net a respectable amount of points. I agree completely about Franzen. If he stays healthy he's good for at least 30 goals this year, imo. I wouldn't touch that trade. Unless you can squeeze a good offensive D man out of him. Even then it might not still help you considering you'd have to replace those lost potential PIM. You also have James Neal who is another great PIM guy who will snag 50 points most likely, but him + Backes should keep you competitive in the PIM department all season, except against anyone who has a goon squad, or a guy like Avery on the line-up.

It sounds like your waiver wire is pretty empty, I would keep what you have, and maybe dump DZ later for a sleeper/hot hand if DZ slumps and has an abysmal defensive year.

Originally Posted by SouvenirCity View Post
have my draft tonight. Been going scoring early, goalies mid, and defense late. Guys like Whitney/Visnovsky/Martin/Karlsson have been left in my mock drafts in the very late rounds. Also my sleep bench defenseman has been Kurtis Foster in every mock.
I've seen the same thing in every draft. In fact I have only seen Martin drafted once, Whitney once, Visnovsky not at all, and Karlsson has gone to me in a late pick in 2 of my drats.

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