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10-07-2010, 05:14 PM
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2010/11 NHL Prediction Thread

Alright guys, if any of you have been on the main board lately, a lot of people are giving their predictions for the upcoming season. Unfortunately many of those threads just have homers talking their own teams up, so I figured it'd be cool for us to have our own to get away from all the crap the main board brings. I figured we'd predict the West standings and the cup winner. Keep in mind that things could change your opinion as the season goes on (trades, signings, injuries, etc..). However, it'd be cool to predict things before the season gets under way. I'll go 1st.

West Standings:
1. Detroit- I've been saying this all offseason and many of you have disagreed with me, but I still think they are the team to beat this year. Their depth is amazing.

2. Vancover- Like Detroit this team has great depth at every position, but I just don't see them winning a championship. Don't know why, I just don't think they will.

3. San Jose- I think the Pacific will come close between them and LA. They aren't as good as last year, but the Pacific as a whole is weaker IMO.

4. LA- I think this team will suprise a lot of people this year. Their roster is better then last year's.

5. Chicago- Their depth took a major hit on the offensive and defensive side. I had them at 4 a month ago, but I think LA signing Mitchell gives them an edge over Chicago.

6. Nashville- I don't know how this team does it, but they always seem to be very competitive.

7. Pheonix- Tippet's boring coaching style does wonders for this team.

8. Calgary- Part of me wants to put this team in 6th and move Nashville and Pheonix down. This team has a great defense and should have solid goaltending, but their questionable players on offense make me think they barely sneak in.

9. Colorado- Have a bunch of great young players, but I think they don't make it this year.

10. Anaheim- The west seems weaker this year, well maybe not weaker, but more evened out so we'll have a chance, but our defense will once again (unless we get someone else) keep us from the playoffs. I also think our secondary scoring will struggle this year compared to last year.

11. Dallas- I think this team could potentially steal a playoff spot, but their lack of depth on the front and back end will hurt them.

12. St.Louis- See Dallas

13. Columbus- See Dallas and St.Louis

14. Edmonton- The young players play decent and get them out of the cellar, but they will still struggle.

15. Minnesota- Cellar dwellers this year IMO.

My cup prediction is once again Detroit beating Pittsburg. I hope to god I'm wrong though. I hate Detroit more than any other team and Pittsburg isn't far off.

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