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10-04-2003, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by willie
He has, however, in the past stated he wanted to get a top-6 forward. (when we had Smolinski)

He has continually failed to deliver and only added a (borderline) top-6 forward in Stumpel AFTER he traded away 1 of other our top-6 forwards.

Debate sematics all you want but Stumpel is still just a replacement for Smolinski. We needed a top-6 forward before we traded Smoke. We needed 2 afterwards. We got 1. Whether DT said he was going to get 2 or not is irrelevant. It has been a need regardless.

*sigh* Want to tell me the difference?

He had the personal. This year he doesn't.


Frolov - Stumpel - Palffy
Robitaille - Armstrong - Klatt


When healthy, we have a very good forward core.

Unhealthy (as is the case), we are pretty average. (if that)
Hate to break it to ya Willie, but the kings aren't the Red Wings or know our payroll and that we're not going to go much over it....we can't have everything we want. It was known before the summer what the payroll was and that the kings weren't going to increase that payroll very much......a top 6 that you're talking about would cost 4-6 million/year.....we don't have that....we added Stumpel who in YOUR opinion isn't a top 6, he is in mine(was top 6 in Boston too)
Yes he wouldn't be top 6 on the Avs but like I said this isn't the Avs. And your right, he does replace smoke.

I know your skeptic about Frolov but he's only gonna get better. We couldn't afford to be in the "top 6" your talking about so we bring back Luc who is a fringe top 6. He had a bad year in Detroit but I think it had something to do with playing on 3rd/4th lines. Anyway he's had a good training camp, always played good in the past for us, and is capable of scoring 50+. He you can't say that Luc can't surprise, he's been doing it his whole career. He has 1 or 2 years left tops, but he have Cammy/Aulin/Brown all waiting to step in.

Also there's alot of contracts up this year likeeadmarsh/Allison/Palffy.
You gotta make sure there's still money in the piggy bank to sign your core players. I would've liked it if the kings signed a good D-man in the offseason too, but they didn't, the felt it was more important to solidify our goaltending and for the first time in like 6 years have more than 1 line that can score. I feel the prospects playing D are better than YOU believe and apparently AM and DT think so to. Corvo is only getting better, Miller won't miss too much and him and Norstrom are solid. Despite what people say about Modry, he's put up top 2 D-man type #'s the last 2 seasons. Visnovsky puts up decent #'s as well. Yes it's not the Red Wings but it's average. Modry/Visnovsky/Miller/Norstrom/Corvo;
these are a decent top 5 in my mind. That leaves one spot. Gleason had a great camp and management is stuck on him, Grebs was a machine until he got injured, Zizka filled the role last year, Holland is still around, and then there's Kuznetsov. 2 years ago our defense put up the 2nd most points in the league. Yes we've lost Schnieder and Boucher. Corvo's offensive potential has to be close to Boucher's and no we can't really make up for Schneider. But despite these loses we should still rank in the middle on D as far as offense goes. Defense, there's no question we're a top 10 defensive team. We won't make up offensively for Schnieders loss (this year anyway), defensively we should be just as good or better. Someone will step up to fill the #6 spot. Our offensive #'s on D will go down but on offense will go up....we have 4 solid lines for once and the first 3 can score. It will be a slow start with injuries but there's nothing we can do to help got work with what you have.

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