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10-07-2010, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
The people who just blindly defend Tortorella boggle my mind. What has he done to deserve any sort of defense from anyone?

I agree with what Black Tank is saying, and I think Shadowtron summed things up best in this thread.

A coach is allowed to have his system and try and implement it, but when it's not working, changes need to be made.

Tortorella deserves credit for realizing early on that his safe is death approach was going to do way more harm than anything else, and he pulled back the reigns. Unfortunately, you got the feeling from the players and the coach that nobody knew exactly what was going on after that.

Torts wasn't able to play the system he wanted, and the players weren't sure exactly what was being asked of them by the coach.

It resulted in a terribly mediocre season.

Hopefully this year will be better.

For Jagr...I don't understand how you're criticizing Black Tank's thoughts on the correct system for these players by saying "that's Renney's system!" and referencing how all that did was get this team to the playoffs.

Can you tell me where Tortorella's system got the team last year after his predecessor took them to the post season every year since the lockout?

You also were fairly inaccurate saying it always resulted in first round exits. We were one game away from the ECF if Drury doesn't score with 7 seconds left. That's a huge difference then saying it was one of many first round exits.

I like Torts, but I'm not going to pat him on the back until he accomplishes something.
The rangers were one win away from making the playoffs last year. Thats where torts got them. Its not like renney had them finishing in the top 5 every year. Some years he battled to get in to the playoffs as well. We win that game against philly and then torts in the playoffs. The organization wasnt satisfied with just making it to the playoffs and getting knocked out. And yeah there that one year where they were so close but the fact is they did not make it to the conference finals.

And where tort's system got them? How long has his system been here? You cant expect a system to work right away when a bunch of the players had been playing a defensive style game for years under the previous coach. There is just no patience on this board and fan base. Yeah torts altered his system as the season went on because he had no time to wait while in season during his first full year with players that didnt fit into the system.

This year they have fleshed out the players that dont fit. They have nice new young players. They've added other parts. They still might add more with the new cap space. And if they dont they can go out and acquire a piece later on.

I'm not going to pat torts on the back because improvement is still needed. But I'm also not going deem is system ineffective when he barely was able to use it last year because he didnt have the right components for it to work plus it was still very new to the players.

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