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Originally Posted by budster View Post
I think this is a fairly common beer league scenario. My advice would be

1) Play the same positions consistently. When you have the same guy putting a left shock on a Cadillac at the factory, he gets pretty good at it after a few weeks. When everybody knows their role and masters it, the team will be much more efficient

2) Be in the right position Playing a position means exactly what it sounds like: having a specific responsibility in a designated area. Even a team with little talent will get lucky sometimes if guys are where they're supposed to be. Everyone should always know what their job is. Missing a play because you're out of place is far worse then because you lack the skill to execute it.

3) Stack your first line - There is a temptation to mix things up to balance it out, but hockey isn't math. As they say, the whole is often more than the sum of it's parts, and that couldn't be more true in sports. Besides, the weaker players can watch from the bench and see what they are supposed to be doing. With 10 you have two lines so each guy will have a "buddy". The senior guy can coach his jr guy from the sidelines. This builds team unity and makes everyone better.

Lastly, if a guy doesn't want to play a position, see if you can convince him to play it once or twice. Most players would rather win than play winger, so if it does work everyone will be on board. If not, they wasted a game or two--big deal.
you would think so but in this case I think a couple would rather play wing to try to accumulate "stats"

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