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10-08-2010, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Copeland View Post
Speaking of shooting 100 pucks a day... There was a thread where someone mentioned a cheap alternative for those shooting boards or whatever they're called. They said they found it at Home Depot, but I can't remember what it was called or in which thread it was. Anyone remember? I decided to go for puck practice at a tennis court today and, well... the bottom of my blade is veeeery smooth now.

Oh yeah, question... when doing snowplow stop (which I can't do yet, sigh...), are you supposed to use the outside edges or the insides?
The cheap alternative I've seen mentioned was whiteboard panels, though I didn't see any at Lowe's when I was there. But funny you should mention it, I stopped by the plastic store today and picked up a sheet of HDPE (sized to fit under my couch). It was $5-something a square foot, though. I haven't had a good chance to test it out yet.

Use your inside edges on a snowplow stop - I'm not even sure you could use the outside edges when your toes are in like that! You'd just pitch yourself right over.

I tried that crossover/stop drill today, and it was hilariously slow. BUT my transitions are getting faster - I made myself switch when I had some speed and amazed myself by remaining upright. Also tried to really focus on getting my ass lower today, and it really helped out my backwards speed - I'm sooo close to my forward speed - I never thought I'd be skating backwards this fast.

I found out that another mom on my son's hockey team is an ex-hockey player who has been wanting to get back into it but was too shy. So I think I may have found my first hockey friend! We're going to talk at practice this weekend and hopefully get together for a skate here soon.

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