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05-03-2005, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by tytech
It only took you a month to come up with that cumback. Stick to your flyer homerism. You're clearly outmatched with me.

I never said I didn't like Sami, nor did I say he sucked. I said he was overrated and undersized. That's not a shot against his heart, passion or aggressiveness. Bunch of Flyer flamers talk about every player on their team like they were a god. 30 year drought anyone?

If Sami wasn't a flyer you'd like him and hear about him as much as that other Kapanen from Dallas.

Sami plays with a lot of size but doesn't have much to back it up. He gets knocked off the puck easily and because he's a good skater and played well at D for us everyone acts like he's the next coming of Christ.

Any good skater would do well at D. Roenick, Recchi, Amonte etc all would have played well at D. All teams have a few forwards that could play D. It's not normal and because it happened here with Sami we should all bow down and praise him? Bunch of flamers.
That's a good one Try to at least come up with something novel, if you need to troll around like a child.

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