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10-08-2010, 02:34 AM
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Originally Posted by canuck44 View Post
Finally got a chance to feel this stick in person.

Strangely whippy. Flexed the INT and 87 flex senior, they both seemed much, much whippier than they should've been. The 87 senior flexed like it was a 65 flex or something. The biggest thing though, is just how light the stick is. It's pretty expensive though...

Held the Total100 stick as well, slightly heavier than the TotalOne.
I've noticed that lighter sticks that are rated for, say, an 85 flex, are much whippier than a slightly heavier stick in the exact same flex... An 87 flex One95, or an 85 flex S17 feels way too whippy for me, but an 85 flex Easton Synergy ST is pretty much perfect... Go figure.

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