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10-08-2010, 08:53 AM
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Here's an update, or the original. I don't remember.

Name: Jeff
Age: 28
Sex: M
Where You're From: Roanoke Rapids, NC
Where You Live Now: Raleigh, NC
Nationality: USA
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Mode of Transportation: Corolla
Job: accounting
What brought you to HF Boards: heard about it from Kaberlay
How you became a hockey fan: the first NHL game for SNES, then NHL94. I started pulling for the Nordiques because it was a random team that didn't have a bandwagon. True story: we made a tin punch thing in middle school art class that took 2 days. i made the nordiques logo. the team announced it was moving in between those 2 days.
How you became a Canes fan: pulled for Quebec after they moved for awhile with the Canes as a #2, got interested in the Canes more in 02, haven't cared about the Avs since then.
Favorite thing about being a Canes fan: actually having a team in the city i reside, tailgating, FUN hockey
Favorite Cane's Player(s): changes constantly, Skinner at the moment
Favorite NON Cane's Player(s): Peter Forsberg
Other Sports You Like: football, soccer, basketball in small doses
Other Sports Teams You Cheer For: NC State, Carolina Panthers
College Attended/Attending: NC State
Video Game Systems Owned: Sexbox 360
Favorite Game(s): NHL 11 (only game i currently own)
Music You Listen To: 90's alternative or classic rock 95% of the time
Favorite Movie(s): The Hangover, PCU, other comedies
Favorite Book(s): haven't read anything in awhile
Favorite Food(s): NC BBQ is a solid choice, I generally want Chick-Fil-A only on Sundays too.
Favorite TV Show(s): The Wire, Family Guy, Tosh.0, Eastbound and Down, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League
Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: Black Skinner, Red Ward, Black Conboy, Red Corvo, Red Grimson, Maple Leafs blue Wendel Clark, blank white Whalers, blank white Nordiques, blank green North Stars, blank white Avalanche, maroon Avalanche Forsberg
Anything Else: beer

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