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Favorite current Ranger: Michael Del Zotto, Henrik Lundqvist

Favorite all-time Ranger: Jaromir Jagr, Brian Leetch

Favorite all time hockey player: Jaromir Jagr

What age were you when you became a Ranger fan? 13

Anyone in particular you owe becoming a NYR fan to? My big brother and my dad, they've have been Ranger fans there whole entire life, I never really got hooked until I went to my first game at the Garden. I'm obsessed.

Did you actually play hockey growing up? Street, ice and/or school? Street hockey on foot for about 5 years with friends and I'm currently looking to join a roller hockey team at the local SportsPlex in Pennsylvania.

Ever build your own goal net as a kid? My dad built one for my big brother not too long ago, it's still in fantastic shape.

NYR bumper/window sticker on your vehicle. Yay or nay? Not yet!

If yes above, do you purposely pull in front of cars with Devils bumperstickers so that they can see it? No Devils fans here in Pennsylvania, but you can be damn sure that I will pull in front of any Flyers fan with my car when I get a NYR bumper sticker.

If it were up to you, what song would play in the Garden before the PP started? Any Linkin Park song!

'Potvin sucks!'... Time to move on from the chant or funny as ever? I hate it and even though I live in PA, I find ways to get to the Garden as much as I can, it's such a brutal chant. Time to move on...

Favorite NYR memory NOT from the '94 season: Marek Malik shootout goal/shootout vs. the Capitals

Do you have kids and if so, are they hockey fans? NYR fans? I'm 18 so uhh... Having a kid isn't exactly in my plans right now. But when I do, he'll bleed blue.

If you were on the rules committee and could change one rule, which one? The 'Sean Avery' Rule, of course! I would love to see that used in games more often.

Fighting in hockey: Too much, too little, or just right? Just right.

Third man in. Toss it out? Yes

Ok cheesy questions time: Favorite tv show? The Event, Glee, Degrassi, World of Jenks, The Buried Life, V, House, Make it or Break it, and NHL on the Fly.

Favorite munchie during the games? Chips

What'cha drinkin? Iced Tea / Vitamin Water

Favorite motto/cliche? "Teamwork makes the dream work."

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