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10-08-2010, 10:21 AM
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Favorite current Ranger: Marc Staal

Favorite all time Ranger: Brian Leetch

Favorite all time hockey player: Boom boom Geoffrion

What age were you when you became a Ranger fan? 7 years old

Anyone in particular you owe becoming a NYR fan to? A childhood friend

Did you actually play hockey growing up? Street, ice and/or school?14 seasons. Played through juniors then hung em up

Ever build your own goal net as a kid? Many times. Usually made them out of wood, they didnt last very long lol. We shattered at least three or four of them every winter

NYR bumper/window sticker on your vehicle. Yay or nay? Yay but have yet to buy one

If yes above, do you purposely pull in front of cars with Devils bumperstickers so that they can see it? Definitely

If it were up to you, what song would play in the Garden before the PP started? Metallica - enter sandman

'Potvin sucks!'... Time to move on from the chant or funny as ever? That chant is entrenched in the garden, I hope it never stops

Favorite NYR memory NOT from the '94 season: My second game ever at the garden. Rangers crush Tampa Bay Lightning 5-2 Drury with the hat trick. Also loved the a-hole chants directed at Mike Smith when he dropped his gloves and started punching Voros infront of their net. And of course the after party at blarney rocks (is that what the place is called?). All together an awesome experience for a small town boy from Norway

Do you have kids and if so, are they hockey fans? NYR fans? No kids yet

If you were on the rules committee and could change one rule, which one? The instigator rule

Fighting in hockey: Too much, too little, or just right? Just right

Third man in. Toss it out? It depends. If an opponent goes after a star ala Carcillo vs Gabby last year, i think you should be allowed to jump in with out any additional punishment other than a 5 minute major. You have to be able to protect your stars from rats like Carcillo, Cooke, Clutterbuck, Lapierre etc

Ok cheesy questions time: Favorite tv show? The office

Favorite munchie during the games? Nachos

What'cha drinkin? Molson Canadian

Favorite motto/cliche? No pain, no game

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