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10-08-2010, 11:43 AM
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Favorite current Ranger: The King

Favorite all time Ranger(s): The King, Kovalev, Richter, Bure, Tikkanen

Favorite all time hockey player: Kovalev..and then came The King

What age were you when you became a Ranger fan? Dad bred me from birth, following since beginning of 1993-1994 (Second grade, boys were either retarded/playing power rangers or started studying pro sports..ended up a great first season to follow!).

Anyone in particular you owe becoming a NYR fan to? Dad

Did you actually play hockey growing up? Street, ice and/or school? YEP! ...and - I - play - air hockey, ball hockey, barn hockey, bubble hockey, field hockey, floor hockey, ice hockey, kitchen hockey, road hockey, roller hockey, table hockey, twist hockey....

Ever build your own goal net as a kid? nope, thx Franklin!

NYR bumper/window sticker on your vehicle. Yay or nay? HELL YEA! Sticker chrome lookin emblems for NYR NYG AND NYY....

If yes above, do you purposely pull in front of cars with Devils bumperstickers so that they can see it? ..and/or any other sports sticker, yes.

If it were up to you, what song would play in the Garden before the PP started?
The Shortest Straw by MetallicA or Dechristianize by Vital Remains

'Potvin sucks!'... Time to move on from the chant or funny as ever?

Favorite NYR memory NOT from the '94 season:
B4 lockout, the game with Fleury and McCarthy killing the islanders. (F-in chicken!)
Recently-being at the 15 round SO, or the 18,000+ screaming "Crosby Sucks" for game 4

Do you have kids and if so, are they hockey fans? NYR fans? None yet.

If you were on the rules committee and could change one rule, which one?
weakass Hooking/Holding calls

Fighting in hockey: Too much, too little, or just right? too little or too staged.

Third man in. Toss it out? depends.

Ok cheesy questions time: Favorite tv show? It's Always Sunny and Eastbound and Down.

Favorite munchie during the games? Depends on whats giving the munchies!

What'cha drinkin? Magic Hat No.9

Favorite motto/cliche? "The F-in you're gonna get, ain't worth the F-in you're gonna get!" -Bob Yandolino

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