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10-08-2010, 12:12 PM
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The way I see it is that every situation is different.
Most, if not all Swedish players, aren't hurt by playing some minor league hockey when they come over. In all honesty, Swedish hockey is very passive and apprehensive. The NA game, as you all know, is more about constant attack, a battle for every inch, both on offense and defense, to force the issue. The Swedes stay in their positions and wait for mistakes/hang on to the puck to keep possession and get the best possible shot at finishing.

Once you go from one extreme to the other, it takes a little adjustment, and having a chance to play major minutes in a lesser tempo, against a slightly lesser opponent, away from the microscope can't be anything but positive for a young guy.

The other side of the coin is that each "NHL club" is after all a franchise, much like a BK or a McD, right. They have to manage their assets and the balance sheet isn't dictaded by owner's equity and liabilities as much as a salaray cap, which isn't good or bad, it just is. As such, the best players might not get to play on the big club because some other player has a contract that can't be moved.

The Omark situation is a great example of this: Cogliano is an asset, but he really could benefit from some AHL time. The club cannot send him down to Oklahoma because of his contract though. He'd have to go through waivers, at what point the Oilers risk losing him for nothing. Not a smart move. As such, send Omark, who's on a two way contract, to the AHL for now, shop cogs and see if anybody bites, and move Omark up whenever possible. Considering how injury ridden Edmonton has been in the last couple of years, Edmonton might be thanking their lucky star that they have both Cogs and Omark towards the end of the season.

So, should Omark go home and play SEL now? In my book that would be crazy. He is on the team, but the Oilers want him to play major minutes under all circumstances, and the only way they can give it to him right now is in Oklahoma.

What about Omark going ahead of Hall, Eberle, or MP? Ladies and gents, season tix have been sold using these guys. Until the audience screams for one of them to be sent down, they are plalying. Otherwise, it would be like you were shown the preview of a new mob flick with DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Pesci (generation issue?) but when the show starts, they have been replaced by Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, and Tom Hanks... great line up, but not what you bought into.

A guy like Persson then? Different circumstances all toghther, don't waste your time. Go make some money and retire as you wish. Nothing wrong with that.

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