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10-08-2010, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by gillyguzzler View Post
I keep seeing the Pens up there in every prediction. I predict they don't make the playoffs this year in spite of Crosby and Malkin.

Fleury is good, not great most of the time. Their defence is ok. Good but not great. But their offence is seriously lacking after Crosby and Malkin. During my hockey draft on Tuesday, out of 196 players chose, 3 were Pens (Crosby and Malkin in the first round and Kunitz in the 11 round). Their two guns are incredible but I'm not sure if they can carry the team once again. And if one of the two goes down, they're done. Staal is out for a couple of months and his filler is Comrie. Ouch!
When you have two players of that quality to go along with good goaltending you can still go very far. I agree that they rely on their stars a little too much but you can't go wrong with Malkin and Crosby. That's arguably 2 of the best 3 players in the game.

They've still got to be taken seriously as a contending team. We'll see how they do though because they've lost some more players and Staal is still busted up.
Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I disagree I think they have very good D, I think Fleury despite being an average goalie is good enough to capitalize on this. Plus then they have Malkin and Crosby. It really isn't that hard to understand why. Michaelek, Goligoski, Letang, Martin and Orpik is bad D? Really? Give me a break you've gotta be really anti-pens to say their D isn't great.
Losing Gonchar is going to hurt on the PP.

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