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Originally Posted by Rick Blaine View Post
I'm gonna say that's something more particular to the individual in net than it is to simply being a goalie. I didn't think a second beyond the quick sigh of relief when a shot would get by me but hit the post.
Oh, for the most part, yes. I'm not saying every time a puck hits my post I panic and think I got schooled. But posts aren't totally meaningless, either. I mean, the Penguins rang one off the post where Bob wasn't even in the goal mouth; saying that posts are meaningless to a goalie is like saying he shouldn't be concerned about the fact that he was in horrible position when that happened. Because if Martin didn't choke, that WAS a goal.

That may be a little extreme, but it's one example.

Let's just say you drop too early, and you fail to cover the top half of the net. The shooter rings it off high glove, crossbar, but if it were on net at all you were not getting to that puck because you totally misread the shot and dropped too early. Obviously you're not going to dwell on it in the moment, but the fact that the guy hit the post does not excuse the fact that you had the incorrect save selection or positioning.

If you're at an elite level where you have the time to examine game tape and try to iron out issues, that might be something you look at.

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