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10-09-2010, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by wabwat View Post
again... debatable. Parse hasn't proven anything. a number of players both younger and older with "good hands" have come and gone after a handful of highlights. what makes Scott Parse any different?

you better believe it matters. it should matter. the biggest difference between the two players is that Brad Richardson has already realized then re-shaped his game to adjust to the type of player he is in this league. Parse plays has not and as long as he continues to lean solely on his shot, he ain't gonna be around for long.

go look at their AHL numbers AND their pre-Pro numbers... it's far more debatable than you think it is.
As of right now Parse has proven nothing more than he can score from the bottom two lines with "good hands", with questionable defense but no lack of effort, IMO. The fact that Parse has never been handed anything and has literally taken everything he has gotten is what makes him different, IMO. Although he was benched last year I do not think that it was compete level his problem but rather teachable defensive awareness which is why he is being given the chance to showcase himself this year on the 2nd line.

Despite the fact that are the same age right now, I think the difference between Richie and Parse is that, like you said, Richie has established his role whereas Parse is still finding his. And it is, at least IMHO, of a solid versatile twoway player that plays good defense and chips in on the offense every once and while but is still a bottom 6er in the long run. Parse has shown plenty of glimpses of being a legit top 6, but whether he lasts is still up in the air. His role has not fully been defined as of yet. He simply has not had the time like Richie to fully establish his role in the NHL yet.

By the which is better comment I was more reffering to playing styles. Right now, but all appearances(again IMO) it looks to me like we are comparing Cory Stillman(like Parse adds offense from 2nd line but not much else) to Todd Marchant(very good defensively can add some offense and fill in on top lines in emergencies). Both play there roles really well, but which is overall better? Depends on whether your looking for a solid player to complete the lineup or need some offense. I think both can be valuable.

In the end, I think Parse has more than earned his shot and I am hopeful that once he recovers the Kings will give that back to him. I really like his game and think he will be a scoring threat for them every game. He has made a point of proving everyone who doubted him wrong at this point so I won't be betting against him at this point.

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