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10-09-2010, 03:09 AM
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Name: Mike
Age: 21
Location: Montreal ( Westmount)
Favourite current Hab: Plekanec & Eller
Favourite all time Hab: Jean Béliveau
Favourite beverage: Ronron Juice ( from Jersey Shore)
Favourite food: Chicken BBQ breast
Favourite movies: All comedies about College and the Twilight saga
Favourite music: Taylor Swift-Miley Cirus and Justin Bieber ( yes I know....but I only like pop music)
Hobbies/interests: Training , poker , chillin'
Origin of your screen name: Random
How long you've been a habs fan? Since 5 years
How did you became a habs fan? Father have season tickets...
Jerseys owned: D'agostini
Your Choice Habs Captain 2010/11: Gionta
Price or Halak 2010/11? meh.......goalie's impact is overrated.
Predicted Habs Finish 2010/11: 8th
What is the most useless item you own: Creole dictionnary...
Why it didn't work out between you and Megan Fox: Because her face isn't perfectly symetric and her arms are little bit disproportional.I would give her at best 7,5 and because i'm genetically superior ( 9/10 ) I don't want my futur children to be inferior to 8.
Celebrity Man crush: The list is too long ...Leonardo Dicaprio , Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt , Chad Michael Murray , Taylor Lautner, Adam Brody , Josh Harnett , Ashton Kutcher , Tom Weiling , Justin Bieber .
Would you rather be a Ninja or Wizard: Ninja

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