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10-09-2010, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
The man scored 46-*ing-goals! You say this like putting Carter at center and moving Briere/Giroux to wing is like putting a 40-point grinder at center in their place.

1) Carter is a better goal scorer than either Briere or Giroux.

2) Carter is better defensively than either Briere or Giroux.

3) Carter is better at draws than either Briere or Giroux.

Not only that... Briere is 33 and suffered from non-trivial injuries in each of the last two years (last year being more of a nagging problem than the really bad problem the year before). Briere is firmly into the declining period of his career -- this is just a fact, not a matter of opinion.

Jeff Carter will turn 26 this season... he's in his prime years.

The next 4 years of Carter's career will almost certainly be significantly better than the next 4 years of Briere's.
You misunderstand me.

I don't want to trade Carter, but he doesn't belong on the wing. I don't think Briere or Giroux belong there either. The only other option left - because we can't have one of the four be the center for the FOURTH line, is to experiment with Richards on the wing and Carter at center for that first line.

That's all I want to see. Yes, I understand that Richards is a great center. The question is does he make a better winger than Carter, Briere, or Giroux? I think there's a possibility that that would be the case. And it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a first line with Carter and Richards on it in order to play shut-down D, regardless of where they line up.

And I'm unwilling to simply dismiss Briere's ability to help this team win a championship the way you are. Yeah, he's small, aging, and lackluster defensively, but his postseason record speaks for itself. At some point in time, what's on paper gives way to what you actually observe happen.

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