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10-04-2003, 06:32 PM
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First off, I do think Stumpel is a top-6 forward. Just not a particularly special one.

And, when healthy, I really like our forwards. Problem is we aren't healthy and likely wont be all year long.

Defense, there's no question we're a top 10 defensive team.
Total BS. Our defense corps is NOWHERE near top 10 in the league. Even when you factor in our overall team defense, you can NOT (without looking like a complete homer) claim we are "without question" a top 10 defensive team.

Someone will step up to fill the #6 spot.
Just like the Kids all stepped and filled our offensive void last year, right?

the felt it was more important to solidify our goaltending
Which was a lateral move financially. We didn't add salary in nets by bringing in Roman.

It was known before the summer what the payroll was and that the kings weren't going to increase that payroll very much......
We haven't increased at all. In fact, it is probably slightly less than last year.

Miller won't miss too much
History isn't on his side. He is injury prone. Expecting him to play 75+ games is a reach.

Modry/Visnovsky/Miller/Norstrom/Corvo; these are a decent top 5 in my mind.
Decent doesn't inspire much confidence.

Quite simply, we NEED another defenseman. There is no getting around it. There ARE (and were) options out there that would not break the bank. Nobody is saying we should go out and get Chris Pronger. But we do need someone with experience to solidify the defense core.

Look OBJECTIVELY at our defense core (just defensively):

Norstrom - A rock. You know what your getting.
Miller - Another rock. Health concerns.
Modry - A liability defensively.
Visnovsky - Tries hard but limited in effectiveness in own end.
Corvo - No glaring errors but is sitll unproven.
Holland - Career Minor Leaguer.
Strbak - By all accounts, the second coming of Modry.
Gleason - 20 year old kid, known for mental gaffes in Junior.
Kuznetsov - Bum.

This defense is NOT impressive. At all.

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