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10-09-2010, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I never said that such a small sample size was intended to imply anything more than JVR certainly has the ability and skill to produce a significant amount at the NHL level.

Just because the numbers are out there compared to Ryan, it's not meant to imply that he will be a vastly superior player to Ryan, if he even ends up a better player.

That said, I wish you wouldn't misinterpret things and suggest that I'm saying something deeper than my original intention.
Who is misinterpreting anything? You put statistics into direct comparison as if they had some value (which they don't, really). You need to write with a bit more clarity/context when using stats, especially if you're going to put stats side by side as a comparison and write:

Another little hint, and even though it may not necessarily apply completely to JVR, productivity at the NHL level level is a LOT more than statistical production.
Hint of what?

That bolded statement up there... not something you can draw from a 20 game sample at the start of the year. You can't draw that from any 20 game sample, but especially not at the outset of the year when we ALWAYS see players putting up goofy numbers in the sloppy play at the outset (Brian Savage's entire career being evidence of this).

I agree that JVR has the skill to produce very big numbers in the NHL... but using a 20 game sample to do that... is an extremely poor use of statistics to support what you're attempting to say about JVR. All it tells you is that he got off to a good start before tailing off...

In fact, the other side of those stats that you could use as an interpretation is far more alarming: maybe the story of JVRs entire career will be hot starts followed by tailing off into mediocrity?

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