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Originally Posted by DrHamburg View Post
Well, I would assume with the Flyers roster they have now, he would be able to come close to that again. Had he been healthy. Players are allowed to get better over time. But at the same time I understand why people wouldn't believe it based on 1 season. Either way, I hope he gets healthy enough to return to last season's form.
It's not even over a full freaking season.

Watching Leighton, you can see that he is untalented and unathletic. He is just big. That is literally the only thing he has...and I guess a somewhat fast glove.

I think last year was just a matter of him coming out of nowhere behind a stellar defense and people not really getting a read on him. Plus, he rarely faced high-octane offenses and when he did, he lost (in both the playoffs and reg. season).

Leighton is not some young kid who is suddenly coming into his own..he's an old dude who had never in his professional career showed the high level of play his stats credit him with last year. I really don't believe it was ever sustainable. People don't magically turn into all-star goalies in a year at his age.

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