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05-04-2005, 09:08 AM
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My family was on driving vacation to Myrtle Beach during that playoff run.

We were staying the night in some crappy motel room in North Carolina or Virginia or something when I watched Borschevsky score in game seven against Detroit to take the next series to St. Louis.

While we were in Myrtle beach, I wanted to see the game so bad that my dad ended up taking me to some sports bar to watch it on ESPN (the hotel didn't get the game). The place was absolutely packed to the rafters with Leaf fans and at 12 years old I was the youngest person there.

I just remember my dad getting kind of nervous as the game was going to OT because he knew my mom was going to start to worry about us and she wasn't going to be so thrilled with us leaving her back at the hotel by herself all night. But he had run into some of his friends from back home at the bar too.

I'll never forget Potvin and Cujo trading big save after big save. Then when Gilmour finally scored, the whole place went freakin' nuts.

My parents wouldn't allow me to go back to the bar to watch the next game. So I sat in the hotel and watched some baseball game on ESPN that I didn't care about one bit just so I could get the sports updates on the ticker every 10 or 15 minutes.

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