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10-09-2010, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Why moving Richards to the wing is an insanely bad idea:

GAON/60: 2.34

When I say Richards was our best center, I mean demonstrably so. You move Richards to wing that represents a significant downgrade for the team overall. He played by far the hardest C shift on the Flyers last year (by a mile), and the only C with a lower GAON/60 was Betts (whose only value is defense).

Whether Briere/Giroux are better at center than they are at wing is completely irrelevant to what is best for the team. Now, if Carter gets comfortable at the wing, it all may be fine and work out... but as of now, this doesn't appear to be even remotely close to our optimum lineup.
All you have is a hypothesis based on somewhat obscure Sabremetrics. Why don't we actually do a real life experiment for a few games and see what the actual results are? Or are you afraid it actually might work?

We have a whole season here to figure it out, why reject an option out of hand without giving it a shot?

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