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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Even if we buy into this way of thinking we're still back to 50%. When we're instigating fights on nights when the team doesn't show up we get a boost and when the other team is looking for a lift and one of the Canucks drops the gloves we lose momentum. The only way we get better than a 50/50 advantage is if the Canucks are more prone to poor starts than their opponents. In your opinion is this the case? If not, we're back to square one. Considering the Canucks start with a lead more often than not wouldn't more fights hurt the team more often than help it under your logic? Yes, yes it would.

I'm curious why the team I happen to cheer for just so happens to be on the positive end of this exchange? Am I just lucky? If I was a Flames fan does my team also get the same benefits more than half the time?

It simply doesn't add up.
it's not 50%, as this is only ONE reason. but it's still ONE reason that's been around since the beginning of hockey, more or less. really, it exists in most physical sports. I can remember starting fights playing football to get a rise out of my team, and obviously fighting in football isn't as accepted as it is in hockey.

another reason can be pure intimidation. if my biggest, baddest guy gets pummeled by your biggest, baddest guy, it's going to have an impact on both benches. don't bother with the 50% line here, as we haven't had someone that can intimidate with his gloves off for quite some time. Peters might not be that guy either, but at least he's BIG, unlike Hordy, Rypien or Glass.

another reason is releasing some pressure. plenty of times you'll see a game get chippier and chippier until both coaches send their goon over the boards to get it on. when that happens, see my second point.

another reason is the message it sends to all 23 players on the roster: everyone has a role, know yours and do it well. it's great to say you just take advantage of a goon while on the PP (and I don't buy the whole deter goons from running star player argument, cuz goons don't see the ice with star players, and never win the exchange when they do). But having a true heavyweight like Peters to do the heavy lifting (the few games a year it's needed) allows guys like Glass and Rypien to better define their roles. Unless you like seeing guys like Bolduc get hurt trying to take on guys way out of their weight class?

you said earlier that Gillis dumping Hordy for Peters somehow proved Gillis was going without a heavyweight. LOL. more like it was Gillis recognizing the heavyweight HE brought in originally wasn't doing the job. how does your theory that Gillis wants more skill and less toughness fit with him keeping Bolduc over Morrison?

Gillis has made it clear from day one that he wants a balance of speed, skill and grit. Having a knuckledragger like Peters in the quiver adds to this balance. He may not need to pull that arrow very often, but Gillis has NEVER iced a team without at least having that option. seems to mean something, even if you can't grasp what it is.

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