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Originally Posted by pitseleh View Post
Uh, that's the whole point. If A causes B but B doesn't actually cause C which is the end result you want, then causing B is irrelevant. If 'firing up the team' doesn't actually result in the team performing better in terms of actually helping them win the game, then what does it accomplish?

The fact is that there is a negligible difference between how a team that is down performs when a player wins a fight and when no one fights at all. If firing up a team actually mattered then that wouldn't be the case.
for a guy as into stats and math as you are, you're sure assaulting logic here.

you do understand it's 100% possible to achieve your objective of "firing up your team" and not have it result in a goal, right? or to fire up your team, and still have a goal scored against you.

and you're using "winning the fight" as the important factor, which is again faulty logic. Who cares who wins the fight? you can go out and lose the fight and still accomplish your goal of firing your team up.

do you have a stat that measures whether a team's play improves after a fight--win or lose? because that's what's relevant here, not whether the winning team scores the next goal.

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