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10-09-2010, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by mja View Post
All you have is a hypothesis based on somewhat obscure Sabremetrics./QUOTE]

The metrics used to determine if a plane will fly safely are probably pretty damn obscure to you, but let's just trust them all the same...

You had two choices.

1. You could have researched where the metric in question came from, thereby understanding it.
2. You could have declared that any concept that you do not understand must be false.
I happen to understand both metrics perfectly well.

And please don't tell you are comparing the reliability of sports metrics with engineering metrics. That would just be silly, now, wouldn't it?

According to win-shares the New York Mets should have ran away with the NL East last season. How'd that go?

To twist your analogy a little, the Philadelphia Flyers will not crash into the side of a mountain if we line up Richie at wing for a few games. Instead of using a gimmicky set of statistics to determine outright that the idea won't work, why don't we give it a shot and actually see? I know, I know, I'm talking like a crazy person.

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