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10-10-2010, 04:56 AM
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It outlines the issue because it points out that the Canucks enter the season (unlike practically every other team in the League) without a goon

Whether you think this is right or not Cole leaves up to you. He's just making the point. Why you have to attack him for making it, makes no sense. And going on some hyperbolic rant about Cole (who now writes for the Vancouver Sun), such as him having a hard on for MacIntyre, makes even less sense.

Read the article. He suggests, at points in the article that maybe going without a goon is the best policy. Isn't that your position? Going off off-cocked hardly helps your argument.

IN the end it is a point worth making and that's all Cole is doing. Are you suggesting we can't even talk about the issue?

Might note for those saying that the Ivanians stick to the face of Paajarvi (accidental or not) was not a factor in MacIntyre scrape with Ivanians is shown wrong by MacIntyre's comment. He is quoted here as saying

"When [Paajarvi] gets a stick in the face, you've got to make sure youu go out and say 'Hey. you have to be accountable."

Where IMO Cole might be wrong is not to recognizing that the Canucks do have a goon but he is is now playing in the AHL - namely Andrew Peters.

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