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CGC: A Note to Josh Cooper

CGC: A note to Josh Cooper

The cynicism of the Tennessean is well earned. They showed their transparent loathing to the Predators for a good decade. Their lack of enthusiasm towards the Preds was a clear sign of lazyness and apathy. The concept of a sports writer as a hard working guy is non-existent. Let's face it, you interview the coaches, watch the games, and run to the hotel room and watch games on the TV to add to your knowledge so you can sound like you know what the hell you are talking about in your 1,000 word column. (And we can add sports talk DJs, but there is a much higher technical skill needed for this.)

Now comes Josh Cooper and Josh if you are on HF and following the example of Mirtle, the bloggers are not competing against you, you are competing against the bloggers and they are winning.

Because of the Tennessean's lack of coverage along with the lack of coverage from the local TV and the cynical and jingoistic hate for the media outlets from above the Canadian border, Nashvillians took matters in their own hands. The prime example of this is Fuqua's 'We Are Nashville' campaign. The people drowning in the flood didn't wait for the federal government, they took matters in own hands. Embracing their ideal that the strength of America is in the two hands of every citizen, they fought and struggled in classic charity to not only pull themselves up, but also pull their neighbor up with them.

This is not above the typical; this is Nashville and because of this the fans took the media in their own hands. With the proliferation of the internet, Preds fans took control of the message and now IS the NHL's example of what a blogosphere should look like. The Internet superceeds borders and gives us a chance to say 'Hey! You might wanna pay attention to this Weber and Suter pairing.' 'HEY! You might want to save your cap space by building a team with the biggest back for your buck.' 'HEY! There actually are people in Tennessee who give a **** about Hockey.'

Simply put, Josh if you are paying attention, you are screwed. We love your effort. We honestly love the fact you know what you are talking about. We love the depth you are providing which was sorely lacking from with the other writer. (Who's name I've honestly forgotten....) But kid, yah screwed. You are ONE man going up against a good 20-30 people who have a strong diversity of hockey backgrounds who range for the informative to damn near Hunter S. Thompson-esque. You write for the main steam media but you are not the main media. Hell, there is a blog compiler for the Preds.

(Yes, this is a transparent dodging of the Hf rules on posting blog links.....)

Josh, I don't think you can provide a tsunami of information so I suggest this. Go for quality, not speed, not volume. Give us the best you got. The bloggers have the market on speed and volume.

Even though all this, Mr. Cooper, good luck to you we are appreciative.

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