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10-10-2010, 06:20 PM
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We only have a finite number of roster spots and he's at an age where he can't be sent to the AHL without clearing waivers. I understand if you disagree but I don't see why people are so incredulous, as though there was no possible rational reason for it. Sending someone through waivers doesn't imply that they have no value as an asset. It implies that the liability their roster spot and cap space creates is worth the risk they won't clear.

Greiss is also 24. I don't know a lot about prospect development but I find it hard to believe it's very likely that he's going to improve significantly at that age. Many players do go from borderline AHL to top 30 in their position past their mid-20s, but way more don't than do, and we don't have infinite cap space and roster spots with which to keep every non-relegatable 24 yearold that has an outside chance of being a star some day.

I don't necessarily believe this is the right decision, as I don't really know enough to say that, but I think a lot of you guys aren't appreciating the reasons that it might be.

Regarding criticizing Doug Wilson and GMs in general, it's important to remember that we have an opportunity that they don't: hindsight. We can decide whether we agree with a move long after it happened. Doug Wilson is responsible for every trade he makes regardless of what later evidence shows. No one is paying attention to us so it's easy to remember where we were right while forgetting where we were wrong. We also have the opportunity to just not decide when we don't know, and only express an opinion when we have a particularly good reason. Most of you have probably been annoyed listening to presumptuous teenagers and/or college students make cocky judgments about adults and the adult world, and you likely thought "that's easy for you to say, you don't have to actually make decisions." This is the same principle. Maybe we should calm down.

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