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10-04-2003, 09:35 PM
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Logic dictates that, players will get get the highest amount of money possible ALONG WITH incentives. It's ridiculous. I'm sorry but fighting over a measly 200,000 dollars, that should be one of the last things you should be concerned about as a player. You get a million this year. Go back to the table, say I performed this well, this guy got this contract for performing this well and for this many years, I want this amount of money. Team counter proposes. Player counter proposes. They meet in the middle and should get more money in the long run.

Dupuis when he's 28 and performs as well as he is, I wouldn't mind forking over more than 2.5 million for him. He's a good team player but he needs to prove that he can stay consistant, that is the bottom line!