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10-11-2010, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by HAPPY HOUR View Post
To me when I started this thread it really was more about the whether or not he should be fined ($$$) or not. I'm not suggesting anything more. But double standards regarding like gestures by different players will always be an issue.

So if Sean Avery did the exact same thing, what do you think would happen?
and because he is a "multiple offender" should he go from say a fine to a suspension??
Well Avery was never suspended prior to his comments. That got him 6 games for a 1st time offender. Bettman was just opportunistic. They could never get Avery for what he did on the ice. And what makes me laugh about the last post to me with that other quote, Avery is hated for what he says on the ice. It was just a means to punish Avery for all the stuff he says on the ice because everyone hates it but they lack the rules to restrain him. It was always about his on ice behavior, the off ice thing was just Avery giving them a window of opportunity. He doesn't play dirty, he doesn't play reckless, he doesn't embarrass the league.

People get worked up because they hate him so much and they throw words around like 'embarrassment' to add legitimacy to their case. Waving your stick in Brodeur's face to screen him is not embarrassing to professional hockey. Bertuzzi embarrassed the league, not Avery.

Ok, if this was Avery, 2nd offense... min 10 games. Maybe more rehab. This guy, a fine. He deserves what everyone else gets in this scenerio. Call a black guy a name, you get suspended. Call a french canadian a name, you get suspended. Either Wisiniewski thinks Avery does that and is gay, which is now gay bashing or he thinks being gay is a negative quality and he is trying to demean Avery with the gesture. He has no leg to stand on.

Of course I am over thinking it and over analysing the situation, but so did everyone else with Avery's sloppy seconds comment.

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