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Originally Posted by ScottyG 91 View Post
I was always curious how drafting in the KHL works, hopefully you have an answer to this.
1. Is every player in the world eligible to be drafted to the KHL and retain that players rights?
2. Do teams in the KHL draft a player based on the likeliness for him to play for that team, or the best players available (for example, Hall or Seguin) then hope that he joins the KHL?
1. No, not every draft-age player in the world is eligible (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl had its pick of John Tavares voided because he had a NHL contract) but they have quotas as to how many can be drafted from each region: 470 from ex-USSR countries, 100 from the rest of Europe and 100 from the rest of the world. And yes, they retain the players' KHL rights. That's why I said that any team other than Magnitogorsk willing to sign Tinordi would have to trade for him first.

2. KHL teams seem to draft the best players that are likely to sign. That's why they draft Russians and, to a lesser extent, Czechs, Swedes or Finns before they do North Americans. (If it was merely the best players available Tinordi would still have be a late first-rounder in the KHL) Many NHL first-rounders, past and present, like Leblanc, were available but went undrafted, because they were so unlikely to sign that they weren't worth the trouble of drafting them.

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