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10-11-2010, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Absolutely loving my one95 (have it in a 77 flex Kane curve, grip version), much less "pingy" than other composites I've used but still very light and with a nice snap on wristers. Not cheap at all, but you can get them on sale now that the new bauer sticks are out (one100 and totalone). Only real complaint is that the blade seems fairly susceptible to gouges from skates/other sticks, make sure to tape it up well with a good, thick tape (haven't had problems since using renfrew tape, which is pretty thick, but got some gouges that I repaired with epoxy when I was using 3M tape, which is much thinner). If you have an american address you can ship to they're pretty cheap here:

And I think there's a code you can enter for an extra 10% off. If you live in Canada, though, you'll likely get hit with duty at the border if you buy off an american site.
Yea I have a one95 also that I use as my "secondary stick" and I don't mind it although I really wish I had gotten the grip version. I have a Backstrom curve 102 flex and I still find it pretty bendy. Really good for taking/giving passes and controling the puck.

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