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10-12-2010, 08:28 AM
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Well... that's an easy one!!! I highly doubt that Tinordi jumps ship to Russia in the next couples of years. The only reason why he would go that route is if at 23-24 he does not have a regular NHL job.

Why would he do that... only to piss of the Habs??? The don't want their 1st rounder playing in Russia. They want him to develop in OHL and then AHL. KHL is better hockey than AHL but completely different style.

By having him play in AHL, they can monitor his development and have a say in his development... which they wouldn't have if he would be in Russia.

As far as Avtsin, Trotter and Ramo were you're completely in left field.

Avstin in a Russian born you are taking that chance
Trotter was not tendered a contract by the Habs, or the contract did not satisfy Trotter.

Ramo, he signed a 2 years deal in the KHL after leaving Tampa Bay and Habs had no room for him in the AHL. On top of that Ramo wouldn't make any kind of money close to what he's doing right now the AHL. They prefer to see they're young goalie develop.

So in all, the chance of seeing Tinordi, or any NA born prospect/1st rounders in the KHL while still being prospects is very slim. Different game in Russia. NHL teams want to develop kid per NA game. This is why Tinordi forfeited is scolarship to play OHL...

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