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Originally Posted by fyrestorm View Post
Pelts -
Like you, I just started playing goalie again last year after 37 years off the ice. I tried the contact lens route, but because of my astigmatism, the lenses kept shifting during the game making it near impossible at the worst possible moment to pick up the puck. I found some frames with lenses that are nearly round that fit comfortably inside my goalie helmet. I keep the glasses stationary by wearing a Croakies strap on them. As for the sweat and fogging issues, I made a sweatband out of that Chamwow material - works great at keeping the sweat off the lenses and out of my eyes, much better than the sweatbands provided with the helmet. I also went to a dive shop and purchased an anti-fog gel used for diving masks. The stuff i got is called Sea Gold, made by Monett. It has worked great for me; no more fogging, no more looking like I have Tourettes, trying to find a clear spot where I can see through the lenses!! You use just a small dollop of the gel on the inside and outside of the lenses, rub it in, and then rinse it off with water. Again, since I have gone this route, I haven't had any more issues with being able to play the full 60 without being able to see.
Hope this helps -
Thanks for the reply.

I'm going to use this winter to get my skating back in check and if I think I can get back into it I'll start looking at buying some gear. is offline   Reply With Quote