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Was Messier (6 Cups) the Greatest Oiler v. #99?

Messier won 5 Cups with the Oilers and 1 almost singlehandedly in legendary style with the Rangers. He was the greatest leader of the past 25 years. Like Lafleur (5 Cups) before him, he never let the Oilers lose, never hung out at centre collecting meaningless points and goals.

The first time the Oilers won the Cup he was the playoff MVP and then in 90, after Coffey and Gretzky were cast adrift as expendables, he won the Cup again.

He then took the hapless Rangers and rather than winning an Art Ross with a minus 25 took them to the holy grail with fearsome 2 way play. He knew that scoring 200 points but giving up 130 goals was not the kind of play that won you respect amongst the Rockets and Gordies and Jeans and Guys, and Bobby's. They didnt play that way and neither did no.11.

For him the only statistic was the only one that really counted; the only reason hockey is played - Number of Cups. And he won more then 99.

He was the most fearsome player on the Oilers and the only one Sather and Pockingnton were reluctant to trade or allow to leave. Others like Coffey and Gretzky were expendable.

His influence on the game is as great as Orr's and Lafleurs - present day leaders such as Iginla and Yzerman looked up to him and him alone.

He was the greatest player on the Oiler dynasty. And like Lafleur, the proud lion, no one had to protect Messier and thats the way he wanted it He fought his own battles. He was a Man respected by friend and foe, unlike his higher scoring teammate.

And Messier never rang up the score late in the game but still was a 50 goal scorer and never whooped it up against the likes of loser goalies like Liut etc. like 99 did.

And when his team needed him most like in the "guaranteed win game", he didnt let them down just as the great Lafleur didnt let his teamdown in the too many men game.

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