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10-12-2010, 02:07 PM
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Normally I would say no and I highly doubt the league will do anything about this....however imo they should.

My reason for this isn't because i think Wish did a horrible thing, its because they suspended Avery for simply making a "dirty" statement (sloppy seconds). Technically, since Wish participated in an action, he should have a more serious consequence.

Of course there are Avery rules then theres everyone else, not to mention the entire debacle with the Kovy contract situation. This league is so wishy washy it drives me insane.

Stick to rules and enforce them. Dont keep changing because you dont like whats going on. I hate how the NFL penalizes players for doing stupid things on the field (td celebrations, etc..) however, they ALWAYS stick to their rules and make no exceptions. If its Sanchez or T.O., if you go of the line you are penalized.

NHL really needs to clean up its act. And if Wish is not penalized its another example of favoritism.

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