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10-12-2010, 02:48 PM
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I voted 'YES' even though I think that it will not be a strict alternating.

My thinking is that BoBo still has to get used to the NA NHL long schedule with any more games, as well as become more comfortable with the smaller rink and different style of play. This plus the fact that he is still really young and quite raw, although he seems highly skilled and very quick with good hockey sense... he also is reported to be a good student who will listen and learn. I like that he seems humble and appears to understand how important his teammates are -- although that is what is supposed to be said, and it has to be shown to be true.

Boosh on the other hand seems to be familiar with a back up role and doesn't have to play a lot of games to give quality starts... While I'm certain he wants to be a #1 and can get hot and be in a 'zone' when played a long stretch when called on, I also believe he is a TEAM player and will mentor BoBo and when in a rotation will give his all.

That is all pretty much just common knowledge -- with a dash of opinion -- and I'm guessing that Lavvy look at it with similar logic and will go easy on the kid and not rush him... That not to say that he will not play a very hot goalie for a fairly extended time, or go by opponent on a hunch... And of course down the stretch will be an entirely different matter with a complete designated #1 getting the lion's share.

To be honest I have no idea what will happen when Leights comes back if BoBo is playing well, and Boosh is also... Do they send the kid down to play a lot with the Phantoms and develop? Do they move Boosh? Do they make Leights work his way back to the #1 job and move him if he doesn't grab it... saving Cap-space in the process? IMO it will be very interesting a couple of months down the line.

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