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10-12-2010, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by CrackerJibbs View Post
I wouldn't mind seeing Peter's get called up for tomorrow night game against the Ducks, considering how they've been playing. We shouldn't struggle to beat them (hopefully) and I think Peter's might add a bit of protection if/when the game gets ugly. Rypien is a great fighter, but he can't handle a guy like Parros.
What's the worst that will happen if we don't have someone to fight Parros? A noogie? Wet willy? A flick of the earlobe?

If the Ducks are being sore losers and running around trying to hurt guys give them one warning - if they don't listen, crosscheck Teemu Selanne in the teeth and say there you go - you got what you wanted. If that doesn't work - suckerpunch Saku Koivu...

You don't go after the tough players if the opposition is running around - you run their small, weak players. If they persist, find the next weakest guy and take his head off. At some point the little guys on the Ducks will be begging the Parros' and Sutton's to get back in line.

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